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Dating Affiliate Programs for Webmasters

One of the best dating affiliate program in our opinion is Singles Finders. It is a large, flexibile site to which you can link by numerous methods, and it therefore effectively has versions designed to reach niche markets. Very importantly, it's a high integrity service which will protect your visitors email addresses and not indulge in dubious methods like some dating organizations. To find out more about the SinglesFinders affiliate program, click here: Singles Finders .

What are dating affiliate programs?

Dating affiliate programs allow the webmaster who runs a dating site to set up an extra source of funding or revenue for the site. By partnering with a large company and offering their services both the smaller business and the large business benefit.

How do Dating Affiliate Programs work?

A Dating affiliate program works like this. The webmaster or owner of the smaller dating company has first to sign up with the larger company through that company's affiliate or associate scheme. The larger company then provides linking methods such as banners or text links for the webmaster to place on his or her site. These dating links usually contain a unique tracking code which identifies any visitor going to the larger company's site as having come from the webmaster's site. If the visitor then purchases the dating service the originating webmaster receives a commission.

Things to watch out for with Dating Affiliate Programs.

Not all dating affiliate programs are created equal. It's all down to the tracking and cookie duration. Some companies will assign a long-lasting cookie to their visitors so that the originating webmaster is still credited with the sale even if the visitor signs up weeks later, whereas other dating affiliate programs require the visitor to sign up upon the first visit if the originating webmaster is to be credited with the sale. It should be firmly noted that most purchasers of dating subscriptions do not sign up during the first visit.

Payment structures for dating affiliate programs.

Payment structures for dating affiliate programs can be a little hard to figure out and compare with each other sometimes. You have to look at what the dating affiliate program is paying per subscription in real terms rather than in percentage terms (50% of $10 is worth less than 20% of $50, for example). There is also the question of whether you will get paid for renewals or not, and how much. Even when making the best possible comparison between dating affiliate programs in these terms, other factors come into play, such as how good the larger dating company actually are at selling subscriptions to their visitors. In practice you have to try several of the best ones to find out which one is most beneficial to you. Our experience has proved overwhelmingly in favour of SinglesFinders during times.

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